1. How Do I sell my cards, comics and so on on your site.

A. Sign up and select the become vendor option and you will istantly be able to sell.

2. How Many items Can I sell.

A. Unlimited

3.  Am I Responsible for shipping? How do I get paid?

A. Payments will be paid through paypal, and yes you are responsible for shipping. Allstarcomicsandcards.com is not responsible for any items our sellers list.

4. I bought a Card, Comic and so on and have not received it, what do I do?

A. Contact the seller in which you purchased it from.

5. How much does it cost to sell on your site.

A. Selling, Listing, is free, when your item sells we require 2% commission.

6. Do I get my own page on your site?

A. Yes, every vendor will have there own page. Ex/ www.allstarcomicsandcard.com/yourpage


Vendor Rules::

1. Vendors can sign up free, post unlimited items and have there own store page, but will be required to pay 2 percent of every sale.

2. Signing up for a vendor account doesn’t mean create your page fill it with ads and never post anything.

3. Vendors are required to make at least one post every 2 weeks. Multiple weeks with no post can result in your items being removed from the marketplace.

4. Vendors are responsible for items and shipping when they post, failure to send items after payment is not acceptable. If  a buyer contacts the site owner multiple times over this your account will be suspended.

Shipping Policies::

When putting an item on the site you will run across shipping cost/classes. Here are the classes/price

Jersey/Auto Cards- $2.54

70s comic books/80s comic books- $2.54

Comic Book Sets/Lots- 5.95

Modern Comics- 1.49

Rookie Cards/Sports Cards- .99Cents (Standard Shipping)

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